Are you ready to kiss mental overwhelm goodbye and embrace ease, balance, and fulfillment?

I know what it feels like to...

~ live with chronic physical and emotional pain despite "having tried everything" to heal...

~ struggle to stay committed to self-care practices because I'm "too busy" or defeated by the notion that if it can't be done perfectly there's no point in trying...

~ deeply know that something is amiss in my life, but can't put my finger on what needs to shift...

~ run myself ragged, to the point of illness and burnout, because I put the needs of other people before my own.

I know these things because I've lived them. I've overworked, overextended myself, and given from an empty cup. It is soul-sucking, depressing, and exhausting to live that way.

I also know that it is scary as shit to contemplate personal growth, let alone take action steps to make those changes. Trust me: I spent YEARS "just thinking about" making countless decisions and the stagnancy made me physically and emotionally ill. I remained immobile because what I knew felt safe and familiar.

Growth requires us to upset our comfort zones and step into uncharted territory. Our brains often don't like that and will use every dirty trick to keep us right where we are ~ flailing, spinning round in circles, and making the same choices ad nauseum.

While it is possible to make change on our own, I find having a support team walking alongside me helps me stay on course, especially when my gremlin voice tries to cast doubt on my wellness endeavors. Through my own work with coaches and healers, I now live aligned with how I want my life as a whole to feel. I have learned to listen to the subtle (and fucking spot-on!) wisdom of my body, intuition, and heart as they work in loving coexistence with my brain, guiding my steps forward.

Living BodyMind connected has changed EVERY aspect of my life, from my work, to parenting, to friendships, to cleaning up relationship boundaries, to fully valuing my worth as a holistic healer, and to dating after divorce. The result? More ease, more balance, more fulfillment. More time to prioritize sensual pleasure and luxuriate in the brilliance of my life!

Are you ready to shift from "I'm thinking about making a change" to "I AM DOING THIS NOW?"

If so, take a breath, do a happy dance, and celebrate deciding to go for it! Then get ready for awesomeness!

As your coach, I won't tell you what to do, but I will guide you to discover the answers that already reside within your wise body. Through powerful, embodied conversation I will help you create healthier habits that align with your core values and hold you accountable for stepping toward them, so that you can live your life rooted in heart-centered intention. When you feel yourself being pulled back into your old patterns, I'll lend a listening ear and be ready to help guide you back on course.

Ready to say "Hell YES!" to yourself?

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